Carpet Overlocking Service $5.00 to $18.00 per meter

We turn your leftover carpet into runner, mats, rug etc.

Overlocking only (Rectangular/Square):
– Length or width below 2 meters $5.00 per meter running (perimeters)
– Length of width over 3 meters and depend on carpet thickness: $9.00 ~ $14.00 per meter running (perimeters)

Cut to the size and overlocking (Rectangular/Square):
– Below 2 meters in length or width: $9.00 per meter running (perimeters) .
– Length or width over 2 meters: $14.00 ~ $18.00 per meter running (perimeters)

Special design (example: Cars, Boats, Caravans etc.) overlocking services: We will provide you with a quote.

Turn around time: 1- 5 days.

We do carpet overlocked for house, office, boats, mobile homes and caravans.

Note: We don’t overlock used carpets.

Please contact: (03) 9706 1433, 0469 17 44 50
Drop off and pickup at Dandenong Plaza, Level-3, Shop-395,  Corner of Clow and Walker Street, Dandenong 3175 (Park: At Level 3 Aldi car park)


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