Hybrid Flooring frequently asked questions:

What is Hybrid Flooring?
Hybrid flooring is a rigid 100% waterproof flooring made of multi-layer limestone and vinyl materials. With their heavy-duty composite core supported by a super sound absorbent underlay. Hybrid is 100% waterproof and suitable for all rooms including bathroom Laundry.

The feeling that you get from the timeless look of authentic timber flooring is warmth. The very natural essence of classical wood grains featured in our Resiplank Rigid Core hybrid collections brings heart to your home while exuding a sense of style and design.

What is the Hybrid flooring use for?
Hybrid is a 100% waterproof flooring suitable for all rooms including bathroom Laundry and water area in the house.

What sizes of Hybrid Flooring available?
Currently there is 5.0mm to 9.77mm available at https://carpetdeals.com.au/product-category/hybrid-flooring/

What is the average cost for Hybrid flooring?:
The square meter of your room largely determines how much you’ll pay for hybrid flooring and installation because it’s priced by the square meter. The material generally costs between $33.00 and $67.00 per square meter, and the installation typically costs between $25.00 and $30 per square meter in Australia.

How much should I budget for flooring?
On average, flooring costs between $2,000 and $8,500 depend on your floor area space.

How to calculate how much hybrid flooring you need for your project:
You can calculate your hybrid flooring need here https://carpetdeals.com.au/floating-floor-calculator

How long does hybrid flooring last?
Hybrid flooring last 15 to 25 years depend on traffic condition.

How do you maintain hybrid flooring?
Laminate flooring is a natural beauty for a carefree life style, just use warm water and mop or gentle bristle broom to clean.

Where I can buy Hybrid flooring in Australia?
You can buy hybrid flooring at https://carpetdeals.com.au/product-category/hybrid-flooring/
You can buy materials only or you can buy hybrid flooring plus installation from us.

Presented by: Republic Flooring Dandenong, Melbourne.